Our landscape project service starts with the preliminary work to be done in the field. At this point, the requests of our customers are noted. After determining the project area data (climatic characteristics, measurements, soil structure, purpose of use ..), design and visual works are started. We determine the optimum of the works that can be applied in the field with the wishes of our customers. 2D Autocad preliminary (preliminary) project works are supported by Photoshop visuals and made ready for presentation. After the presentation, if there are any changes to be made, it is completed and final project work is completed. The scale of the project can be 1/100 -1/200 -1/500 and 1/1000 depending on the size of the area. In accordance with the final completed project, the structural and plant materials to be used are determined by considering the user's tastes and the technical suitability of the material. Structural and plant landscape application projects and technical detail drawings of the application are completed for the final project work whose material selection is determined.

    In summary; a road map that includes all the landscaping items that can be made in the current area is prepared by us.

Advantages of landscape project work,

  • After the exploration of the landscape application to be done, you should see the finished version before you start with Photoshop visuals,
  • By identifying the most suitable plant species for the climate and topographic characteristics of the area,
  • In order to determine the most suitable solution for the problems that you may experience in practice (excavation, filling, infrastructure etc.),
  • Determining your application cost in advance with the technical knowledge and experience in the designs to be made and the material choices to be used in accordance with these designs,
  • It allows you to reach your dream garden in a faster, more economical and more aesthetic way without encountering bad surprises during the application.
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