Flat moss

Flat Moss

The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain as well as European countries such as Latin America and even in Japan, this system is now widely used in Turkey! We offer you an extraordinary experience with the designs that we will make with 100% Natural algae collected from Scandinavian Forests.

We carry the new generation of mummified moss gardens to your green walls. A great concept that emerges as a result of mummification of algae carefully collected from Scandinavian Forests with various salts and color pingments.

Our products are 100% natural and vivid

Since hand-picked land algae are high-class sound absorbing, they enable the absorption of sound waves from multiple directions.

     It retains its color for many years, as it is mummified with various salts and color pigmenlets, remaining soft and absorbing moisture in the air and maintenance-free. All moss products - panels are handmade, natural and vibrant. It is collected from forests in Scandinavia.