Moss Wall

How about integrating with algae panels?

    The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain as well as European countries such as Latin America and even in Japan, this system is now widely used in Turkey! This 100% Natural Algae has taken its place among the trendy vertical systems due to the fact that it does not need any maintenance and maintains the freshness of the first day for a long time.

     In addition to being highly decorative, it has become one of the indispensable product groups in a short time due to its absorption of high sound frequencies, improving the air quality of its location, its stability against combustion and its anti-allergic structure.

Give your walls a chance!

We offer you an extraordinary experience with the designs that we will make with 100% Natural algae collected from Scandinavian Forests. With the mummified algae we have used in our designs, it can remain the freshness of the first day for 8 years.

What is this mummified seaweed?

     All of the plants and algae we use in our designs are 100% natural and real. These algae are mummified plants by a special treatment. With this process, the plants trap the sap in the cell wall and our algae can remain in the freshness of the first day for 8 years. Except for extremely humid environments, we are able to apply moss walls in all indoor areas that do not see light. We do not recommend outdoor moss wall applications because of weather conditions, it will deform quickly!

Moss Wall Application Examples