Landscape Application and Consultancy

It covers the works of the landscape architecture of the open or green areas, professional supervision and technical implementation responsibility, project management, construction supervisor, consultancy, acceptance and delivery. In addition, in the turn-key implementation of the project; Thisincludes our work on the application from a to z.

  1. Landscape Architecture Professional Supervision Services: To be ready for the delivery of the ground after the tender related to the field of landscape application, to control all kinds of structural and plant works related to the landscape applications, to submit the suggestions about changes and details required during the application to the landscape architect by the administration or employer, temporary Acceptance and the completion of the project of the appropriate scale "done / as built" and the 16/7/1985 dated and 85/9707 by the Council of Ministers Decision enacted by theArchitectural and Engineering Services Specification covers the administration.
  2. Technical Implementation Responsibility Services: It is the whole of our services to supervise the construction of the planning / design / project area in accordance with the approved projects and annexes, the relevant laws and regulations in force, the regulations and specifications related to landscape architecture services, and the rules of science and art.
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